The problem

Today I wrote some tests for a project I’m working on, which uses the FileHelpers library.

When I tried to run the tests, I received the following error:

Failed to queue test run ‘mbev@WSXP-BE-6833 2010-08-31 11:51:43′: Test Run deployment issue: The location of the file or directory ‘c:\pathToProject\business.tests\bin\debug\FileHelpers.dll’ is not trusted.

First thing that went through my mind was: “Man, I’m trying to introduce testing in this environment and then I get this. Why is everything working against me?!!”. Nevertheless, I put my personal issues aside and worked on resolving the problem.

In the past I’ve encountered a similar issue, but then I was working with network shares. Visual Studio has trust issues with other machines then your own. It that were the case, you can resolve it using CASPOL (Code Access Security Policy Tool). But I’m working on my own machine, on a local drive, my system drive!

The Solution

Suddenly, I remembered that Windows also has trust issues with external dll’s and exe’s. The solution is extremely simple! You can resolve it by clicking two buttons: Unblock and OK…

Restart Visual studio and you’re good to go!

Filehelpers Properties - Blocked