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Archive for May, 2010


What is a namespace? See Wikipedia.

For a company that builds its own software, namespaces are crucial to integrate applications. Maybe a stand-alone application that you’re building right now will one day be used as an external component. That’s why you need to use namespaces to identify your code.

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I was told that the internal IT development guidelines states that every project architecture must implement “Layering”, see Wikipedia. Three layers are required “DataLayer”, “BusinessLayer” and “UILayer”. Let’s go and take a look.

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How they did what?

In this category I will discuss code that I run into: “How they did it”. Of course I will respond to it with: “How I do it”. To make things clear: I do/will not imply that my solution is the über-solution. I assume that my solution is better, why else would I make changes, but there always is a (small ;) )chance that I’m wrong.

I’d like to encourage every reader to share his view. Maybe, point out my mistakes or provide an even better solution. This is we all can learn the do’s and don’ts.

FYI: Every post in this category will begin with: “How they …”.