The problem

I needed to access the outlook calendars of some colleagues, to check if they were on holiday or not. At the time, I only had access to the Outlook Web Access (OWA).

Because there is no button like in MS Outlook like “Open a Shared Calendar”, we have to be creative.

The solution

Open Internet Explorer and navigate to the OWA exchange server. You could also use another web browser, it will disable some features, but it will still work. Don’t forget the “/exchange/”. The OWA has a feature that activates the logout procedure when you navigate away from the domain.

Enter your credentials and choose the “Premium” client

The address in your browser should still be “”.

Lookup the E-mail address of one of your colleagues and enter it the address bar of your browser and concatenate it with “/Calendar/”, like below and press enter.

You should be able to see the calendar of your colleague, in Read-only mode…